So, I have taken my first ever solo trip and I am back in Italy! I have spent the Friday and Saturday in Milan and I am currently in Rome. My time in Milan was a bit different to how I expected it to be. I thought I would wander around all the typical tourist spots, however I didn’t. It was actually a lot better then what I expected. I felt so comfortable Milan, in general I feel really comfortable in Italy despite not speaking Italian and being followed by people wanting to take advantage of a tourist. I spent my time exploring the local area and with my host family from summer. I could not have asked for a better two days in Milan.



I arrived at Milano Centrale Station at about 1pm in the afternoon and headed straight to my hostel to check in. It was literally 5 minutes away from the station and super easy to find. The hostel I stayed at was called Ostello Bello Grande and was great right from the minute I stepped in. The staff were really friendly and were so welcoming. They give all visitors a welcome drink on arrival and go through all the things the hostel has to offer other than just a bed. I stayed in a mixed dorm which was quite daunting at first, but once I met the people I was sharing with it was great. The rooms were simple and nice,

Once I settled down, I ventured out into the area and found the high street which was buzzing! There were loads of shops, street sellers and just general hustle and bustle. I spent the afternoon just walking around and then went back to hostel for dinner (which was free!). Ostello Bello had a kitchen on the 6th floor with food you can use to cook for yourself, they gave you breakfast and dinner. It was literally a great friendly place to stay. Overall, day one was quite chilled and had a great day.










Prior to my arrival in Italy, I contacted my host Mum and asked her if I could meet up with her and the family. She was more than happy to have and asked if I wanted to go to Cassano D’adda. So Saturday morning I hopped on the train from Milano Centrale to Cassano D’adda. It was a 50 minute train ride and I was super excited to get back to the lovely town and family. I was picked up at the station by Nonno Peter who seemed very happy to see me.

It was a full day of travelling to see all the family, shopping and eating. I loved it. They are honestly the loveliest family and I am so glad that they were mine. Once Nonno Peter dropped me off at my family’s house, I had lunch with my host family and then we took my host brother to his piano lesson. In typical Italian fashion, while we waited we had coffee (I had hot chocolate), then picked him up and we went to Nonna Nadia and Nonno Angelo’s house. It was a surprise for them as they didn’t know I was coming and they gave me the biggest hugs and kisses (: After watching a bit of television, we went to the shopping mall which was really nice and did a spot of shopping (I did window shopping LOL). There is also a palace/villa in Casanno D’adda that was having a fashion exhibition which we visited and it was gorgeous! We ended the day with a trip to the family shop to see Nonna Wanda and Nonno Peter then back to Nonna Wanda and Nonno Angelo’s house for dinner. Just before dinner we went to frozen food shop (not cooked frozen food). It was literally a pick n mix for frozen food LOL. Being around people who showed me so much want and were genuinely happy to see me was heart warming. I loved every minute of it and I cannot wait to go back again.
























Well, my day 3 started early as I had a 07.20am train to catch which took me to ROME! I decided to vlog my trip in Rome as well as blog it so look out for more adventures!

Ciao bellas and bellos,



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  1. November 16, 2016 / 10:17 am

    Omg how did we not realised you've already blogged it all! Starting from the beginning and reading it all!

    I'm so proud of you going on your own and I can imagine that this has shaped you into someone even better than you already are!

    Your host family seem so lovely and all your pictures look amazing! Can't wait to see your vlogs!

    Jessica & James |

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