So it’s my final year and I literally have less then 4 months left and I know it’ll fly by. University has taught me a lot about myself and I have grown so much as a person. I have always been determined and driven, but throughout University I have learned how driven and ambitious I am. I would definitely recommend people to go to University, because it is not all about studying a course and racking up a huge debt.

University is obviously not for everyone, but I find that some people that I have come across who don’t go to University talk as if it is a really bad thing to do. There are many different paths to a destination and we choose which one is best for us. I don’t see a right or a wrong way, however I am more inclined to encourage people to go to University as it not just for the academics, University is an experience.

There are several reasons as to why I decided to go to University, if this post gives you a little insight to University life and either encourages you to go or makes you realise its not quite for I’ll be happy.

1. Investing in myself.
People talk about University and how you end up leaving with this huge debt, but I see it as an investment in yourself and education. University is definitely a challenge and I knew it would be going into it. I also really enjoy my course and I love learning about it in depth. I know there are options such as Apprenticeships (which are great), but that does not guarantee that you’ll have a job forever. Also, without a degree and particular qualifications in certain industries there is only so far that you can progress. Ultimately, you are investing in yourself as a person. The challenges and experiences you gain from University, you cannot get from anywhere else.

Brunel Volunteers Dinner 2015 – With Bill Leahy, Deputy Vice Chancellor

Brunel Volunteers Dinner 2016 – RAG Committee 2015/16

2. University is a land of opportunities.
Life is definitely what you make it and so is University. If you just go to lectures and go home, then yes, you’ll probably not think much of University – or maybe you will. I like to get involved with different things that happen at my University and within the Students Union. There are so many different opportunities to try new things and that is definitely something that I highlight to all those that I cross paths with at my University’s open days. Whilst at University, I have organised some amazing events, met some incredible people and created opportunities for myself.

50 Years Of Fashion – @AshleeMoEvents

50 Years Of Fashion – @AshleeMoEvents


50 Years Of Fashion – @AshleeMoEvents

3. Social life and meeting new people.
One of the reasons I also wanted to got to University is to surround myself by like-minded people. That was a big thing for me, when you are at school and college you’re surround by a variety of people which is great. But as I got older, I wanted to be around more people that were ambitious, out-going and hard-working. I also enjoy going out on a Wednesday, not that I am the biggest party girl at all – but student nights are a lot of fun.

UBS Fleek Thursdays

RAG Committee 2015/16 – Volunteering for Action Aid

Kitty Cat – Blizzards Christmas Dinner

4. It was the next step.
Some people may refer to going to University as “following the herd” – but actually to go to University is a conscious decision, not everyone can get into University and you have to work extremely hard to get into and through University. I wanted to further my education and University had always been an obvious next step for me.

One World Week 2015

5. Its a really great accomplishment.
University to me is a HUGE accomplishment. I worked really hard at college to get the grades needed to get into the University I wanted to. I have stuck at it for the last two years and I look forward to graduating. University isn’t easy and I am already super proud of hour far I have gotten with it.

Brunel Business Life – Cover Girl

Although I want to and have been growing my events company, AshleeMo Events which I do not need a degree for – I have found that University has given me the opportunity to grow my business. It has allowed to me network and great organise events which has helped boost my confidence loads!

What I am saying is, University is not just a place you go to for academics – yes that is the biggest reason why you do go and it is really important. It is a place where you grow as a person and it is truly what you make of it. Hannah Montana did say “Life’s what you make it, so lets make it rock”.




  1. February 12, 2017 / 10:16 pm

    University is most definitely an investment in oneself to say the least. There are so many things you can participate in outside of academics, which you highlighted nicely, that help you grow as a person. I'm not going to say everyone I met at uni was amazing but it was an experience I learned from for sure. I love all your pictures because it looks like you had a blast in your four years. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  2. February 17, 2017 / 11:44 pm

    Thank you; yes it has been a great 3 years!
    Yeah, I have really enjoyed my time in University and learnt so much from it that is not just academic. Its definitely a land of opportunities.

    Ashlee (:

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