Recently I have been looking at old photos, catching up with old friends and reminiscing about the good old days. I don’t know if it is because I am getting older that whenever I go to certain places I feel all nostalgic and I will be thinking about being 18/19 for the rest of the day.

Last weekend I was with one of my friends and we’ve literally known each other for over 10 years. We ended up on a bus in Battersea and got off in Clapham Junction. Its funny because it brought back memories of old boyfriends for both of us (they were both nice guys – well mine was anyway). LOL. Since then, I have been thinking loads about when I was 18 years old and the things I would do to watch a couple of episodes of my life back then. I have like five things that I miss the most about being 18/19 years old.

ONE – Just being 18. The transition of being 18 years old from 17 is a big one – more mentally then anything. You’re officially an adult, you can hit the club, you can get a tattoo, you can get married, vote etc. Not that you do all of them as soon as you hit 18, but just knowing that you can legally is fun. I also felt older.. its strange because at 18 you are still a baby. I remember being 18 and feeling like I should get ready to settle down. Going to Uni, finding my forever and working on my career were my focuses at that time. I was on the road-ish to go to Uni, I was definitely working on my career and I genuinely believed I found my forever. You live and you learn – and at 18 years old I was not ready to completely settle down. Five years down the line, I am still growing, at University and focusing on my career while window shopping for trips abroad.

TWO – I was definitely really confident at that age, not that I am not anymore but it was a different kind of confident. I was always very sure in myself – I was completely honest, did what I wanted and got what I wanted. I worked hard, not that I don’t anymore – but being 18 and so driven was something special I’d say. The company I kept at that age was great and I do believe that it played a part in the way I was at 18/19. I remember, the guy I was with when I was 18/19 always telling me how proud he was of me and was always so encouraging. Not that I did things just for him, but being around someone who was so encouraging, ambitious and worked hard; gave me a lot of drive and I wanted to make him proud.

THREE – I miss my body. I wasn’t the skinniest but I thought I was HUUUUGE. I was a lot healthier at that age. I ate better, exercised more and just kept up my appearance. I am purely a lazy girl now, literally roll out of bed and throw on leggings and a top. I was so much fitter back then, now a flight of stairs can leave me panting. I cannot deny the fact that I had a great bum though LOL. I have started exercising more, especially as I’ve gone back to Cheer and I just want to get back to a place where I love my physical appearance and I can go for a job without tasting blood in my throat.

FOUR – I miss my friends. I am still friends with most people I was friends with at that age, but I just don’t spend as much time with my old friends anymore. Its mainly because I am based at Uni and SUPER busy all the time. However, I am a firm believer in “If you want to spend time with people, you’ll make time”. All I need to do to change that is to just make effort and spend time with people.

FIVE – I think I will always be a hopeless romantic somewhere deep inside. I miss that part of me. I remember being 18 and so loved up and I had the best summer when I was 18. It was literally like a Danny and Sandy summer lovin’ – CUTEST THING EVER! I thought I met my forever when I was 18 and somewhere somehow it didn’t quite work out that way. He was the nicest guy and I’m glad he was mine for a long while. Maybe one day I’ll get that 18 year old, hopeless romantic that is a lot more trusting back. Or I’ll find him and convince him to marry me for old times sake haha. I do wish we had our friendship back though – he was honestly the best person in my life at the time.


I know that being 18 years old I was young, I made mistakes, I messed up, I was indecisive and all the rest. But I loved, I put my all into everything and I learnt and grew. This post isn’t about me dwelling on the past, I just did love being an 18 year old and would love to relive some of those memories. I would also want to reach out to some people I knew back then – kinda miss them. BTW – Prom was when I was 18, still up there with one of the best days ever. I’ll probably be having more nostalgic posts so keep a look out.




  1. February 8, 2017 / 10:52 am

    HEYYYY that friend is me in the first paragraph WEEEY I made it hahaha
    So so happy to know there's no horrible pictures of me in this post but omg love this post!
    Totally agree with the body statement, back then I though I was huuuuge but compared to now, pffft!

    We shall grow together and make more and new memories!

    Jessica |

  2. February 17, 2017 / 11:46 pm

    Loool, of course! I wasn't sure if I should use your name or not LOL.
    I contemplated it; but the ones I have didn't fit the flow.

    YES YES YES we shall; here to another 12 years 😀

    Ashlee (:

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