After a couple days in Barcelona, I headed to Madrid where I would be catching a flight to Lisbon from. I had one night in Madrid, so what else to do but hit Puerta del Sol and roam around Madrid from there.

I got trapped though. Trapped by the shoe sales. After walking around for a couple of hours, I decided to head back out and get some of the shoes that I had seen earlier. Yes, I said some – haha. Next thing you know, I am leaving the store with 10 boxes of shoes (two were for my Mum, one for my sister). I look at it as an investment though, they are great quality and I will look great in them Lool.

I love the vibe in Madrid, it feels so chilled and care-free. I could actually see myself living in Madrid, however I would have a problem with the constant sales that are on – haha.

Overall, I enjoyed my time in Madrid and I am looking forward to the next time I visit.


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