Horses on Chukka Caribbean ranch.

While in Montego Bay, I had the most amazing day full of adventure with Chukka Caribbean. From zip-lining in the Jamaican jungle to horse riding in the Caribbean sea. An experience I would love to relive and highly recommend.

Chukka Caribbean are one of the largest tour operators in the Caribbean, with tours in Jamaica, Belize and Turks and Caicos. Their tours range from ATV-ing and horse riding to bamboo rafting and liquor tasting. If you looking for a unique Caribbean adventure, they are a highly recommended tour operator. Read on to hear about my adventure with them.


The first activity with Chukka Caribbean as part of the Best of the West Tour was Zip-lining. Even though I am not the biggest fan of heights, I do love zip-lining, so I was super excited to start my day swinging through the Jamaican jungle. As we trekked through the jungle to the different lines, it was a lovely walk getting to know the other couples on the tour. I was the only solo traveller in a group of couples, but being the person I am, I was able to gel well with everyone.


Tubing with Chukka Caribbean.

The tubing was the very mellow part of the tour. We hopped into inflatables and floated down the winding river. Our tour guide quizzed us on Jamaican slang (I knew all the answers LOL) and gave a short history lesson on Jamaica. It was something I haven’t done before so it was a nice new experience.


Chukka Caribbean riding instructor.

Best part of the day! I had been looking forward to the ride ‘n’ swim part of the tour all day. We finally pulled up to the ranch and the sea was glisg

Our group was shown the lockers for our belongings then taken to get riding helmets on. It definitely was a good look – haha! After having a little ride around a gated space to get comfortable with our horses, started riding around a trail on land. My horse had a mind of his own, but was quite similar to me. What I mean by that is he kept stopping to eat every two minutes – haha!

When then changed horses and ventured into the sea. It was quite a short ride in the sea, I thought we would have had a longer – but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I would love to do it again and hopefully next time have more time riding in the sea.

Chukka Caribbean Ride ‘n’ Swim – Sandy Bay Ranch

Chukka Caribbean operate several different tours in different countries in the Caribbean. Check out their website and social media to see what exciting experiences they have to offer.

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I was given a 30% discount off of my tour by Chukka Caribbean. However, as always my opinions are honest and my own.