Airplane Wing

Since the end of March most of the globe has been on lockdown. Most of us who constantly have the urge to #catchflightsnotfeelings have had ridiculously itchy feet. If you can relate, then watch the video below and find out how you can travel during lockdown.

Ready to start catching flights without having to head to the airport? I know I know… I’d rather be heading to the airport too. However, we don’t have much of a choice right now – so you can use some of my tips and enjoy the experience.

One thing I will definitely be doing is trying to learn the capital cities of all 197 across the globe. Languages is another one I have been doing. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish and I am definitely committed.

Cooking is what I have been enjoying doing the most. My favourite is Swedish meatballs. I absolutely LOVE them and I cannot wait to share the next batch on my Instagram.

Would love to hear how you plan to travel during lockdown. Please do leave a comment below.

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