For our fourth Brunching Bloggers, we decided to venture to a cute little cafe located on Golbourne Road called Snaps + Rye. Snaps + Rye is a Danish restaurant, founded by a Danish-English husband and wife. They offer a variety of Danish dishes, from breakfast right through to dinner.


Brunching Bloggers started in our traditional fashion, with everyone introducing themselves and what they do. It was great to have returning brunchers as well as new guests to brunching bloggers. While waiting for our food to arrive, we went around the table sharing our Instagram struggles and tips on getting great content.

All but one of us decided to go for the house-cured var salmon, scambled eggs, homemade rye bread – which I can tell you was absolutely delicious! Personally, I am a smoked salmon kind of girl, and the house-cured var salmon was a little different. I really enjoyed the food as it was something quite different to what I am used to. I love expanding the range of my pallet, so Danish brunch was definitely a great idea.


As Snaps + Rye is located on Golbourne Road, we took a lovely stroll down Portobello Market and headed to one of NottingHill’s most popular Mews. Of course, we spotted others there taking photos for the “Gram” – we were at the Mews where Love Actually was filmed.¬†We managed to get some great shots in before the weather took a drastic turn. The weather was a sign that it was home time. Another great brunch, another day with great company.

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