an AshleeMo Events event.

50 Years Of Fashion was an opportunity I created to showcase my tie dye clothing line Moyolee and get my name out as an event organiser. I started organising events at the age 17 years old which inspired me to start up my own events company. Although things had moved slow and were hot and cold, I have continued to persevere and now I have quite a bit of a break and huge bursts of inspiration. 50 Years Of Fashion raised my for the Union of Brunel Students’ Raise and Give which supports the four student elected charities Amnesty International, MERU, Trinity Homeless and Breast Cancer Now.
50 Years of Fashion was in collaboration with Uxbridge College to celebrate the 50th anniversary of both institutions. Brunel and Uxbridge College students will be involved throughout the show with students being models, volunteers and the Brunel Beauty Society contributed to hair and make-up alongside the Uxbridge College hair and make-up students. To top it off, the amazingly talented Brunel BlizzardsPom Squad and Still Shadey a phenomenal rapper performed as well as Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist 2015 boyband, Sakyi 4. We also had MB Legacy, a brand in honour of Marvin Bruno, raising awareness of mental health.


With every event, it did not come stress free or without hiccups. The biggest lesson I learnt from everything is you have to have absolute faith in yourself and in your abilities. Yes, compromise is great but if there are no risks for the other party, how much of a compromise is it really? Also, when working on a project, sometimes you need to go solo to make it happen. Working in a team is incredible. No. Working in the right team is incredible. Once I was surrounded by the right people, particularly in the last few days and event day, it all became a lot more enjoyable.
I hope you have learnt a little something and I expect to see you at the next event! 
Photo credits: Tano Lam and Paloma

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