BloggersAreUs was started to encourage diversity, positivity and support in the blogging community. It is a platform to connect both bloggers to each other and to brands. We have organised events, brunches and social meet ups as well as building relationships online.

Our events welcome a diverse range of creatives, not exclusively bloggers. And whether someone has 500 followers or 5000 followers, they are all welcome. That is something that makes our events quite unique. You don’t need to have thousands of followers or to have been blogging for years.

Whether you’re a beauty, fashion or travel we have everybody is welcome and everybody comes. Its such a supportive community and we wanted to celebrate it.

The BloggersAreUs’ First Birthday Party was to celebrate our first year, our creatives and future growth of our community.

We welcomed 25 creatives, ranging from bloggers and YouTubers to Instagrammers to celebrate our first year. From cake and crisps to musical statues and dancing, it was definitely a daytime party to remember. Thank you to all of those who joined the festivities, we hope to see you and many more at our next event.

We cannot wait for another year of BloggersAreUs and we hope to have many more people joining us.

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