Food for The Creativs
The Creativs

With the rebrand, we decided to have the first event as The Creativs as an end of summer picnic. Think sun, strawberries and great company.

After the initial introductions to each other and sharing our creative journeys, we went around the sharing our personal experiences in the blogging and creative community. We definitely all agreed that there needs to be more diversity, however we have all see the changes and increase over the last couple years.

We also brainstormed different events that can be hosted by The Creativs. We definitely cannot wait to get into event planning and sharing whats to come.

For our picnic, we were gifted with yummy chocolate marshmellow bars from Mallow & Marsh. After we filled our stomachs and were having a chit chat, the weather decided to do a complete 360 on us. Typical. Nice and sunny one minute, next minute we are being pelted with rain.

We are planning to have a start of summer picnic next year and to have different events throughout the year. Whether you are a blogger, Instagram only, photographer or you are just interested in getting into the creative industry our events are open to you.

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