After having the most incredible time in China, it’s only normal that I would like to see Japan. Also, I used to get called Ash from Pokemon, I love Pikachu so yeah.. a trip to Japan is on the horizon.

However, thanks to my friend Jessica from Food and Baker, I got a little taste of Japan at the Shoryu Ramen Autumn Cocktail Party. It was by far the best way to spend a Tuesday evening in London.

Jessica and I were the first to arrive and picked to sit front and centre to ensure the best views of the cocktail making. Soon Eire from Wolf and Stag arrived with her partner, Nick. Eire was an absolute sweetheart with a lovely bubbly personality. After about a year, I was reconnected with the beautiful Noelle from By Noelle; an absolute beauty with incredI left content. The evening was full of great cocktails, great food and great company.

Autum Cocktails: Fuji Apple, Falling In Kyoto, Whisky & Kohi and Tokyo Banana
Shoryu Ramen
Shoryu Autumn Cocktails (minus one – I couldn’t taste)
Fuji Apple – spicy mix of Sambuca, cardamom and shochu base with the fruity taste of apple
Falling In Kyoto – refreshing mix of namesake, sloe gin, mandarin and shiso leaf with the warm touch of cinnamon syrup
Whisky & Kohi – creamy mix of tikka red whisky, soy milk and espresso coffee, all hard shaken with a touch of orgeat syrup

The evening consisted of a mini cocktail masterclass where Vicky, the mixologist showed us how to make each cocktail, talked through the ingredients and discussed what inspires the creation of the cocktails.

My favourite was definitely the Fuji Apple, although the smell of Sambuca was definitely present, the taste was not strong at all. It was delicate and sweet.

The fourth and final cocktail was Tokyo Banana and unfortunately there were ingredients I am allergic to so I didn’t taste it, however everyone else seemed to enjoy it.

Salted Edamame
Salmon Sushi
Avocado Sushi
Shoryu Pork Bun

To add to this already tasty evening, Shoryu Ramen fed us with some Japanese favourites. The different cocktails are best for different stages of the meal, the Fuji Apple would be pre-dinner, whereas Whisky & Kohi Or Tokyo Banana would be for after the meal.

Sushi has really started to grow on my in the last year. I love smoked salmon and prawns, sushi is quite good for you, light and filling – what’s not to love? When they started bringing out the trays with more then enough for us to eat, my stomach got excited – haha.

The Shoryu Pork Bun was amazing, I could of easily had 5. So soft and full of flavour. I’ll be visiting Shoryu Ramen for dinner in the very near future – both food and cocktails were so good.

Noelle, myself, Jessica

I haven’t yet been to Japan, but I definitely love the taste of it. Thank you Shoryu Ramen for a lovely evening, I’ll definitely be stopping by soon.

The invitation to the Shoryu Ramen Autumn Cocktail Party was complimentary and extended to me via Jessica from Food and Baker. As always, my opinions are my own.