Coming from 6 weeks of travelling returning back to the cold and catching up with friends was in the agenda. My friend Jessica, from Food & Baker, asked me if I wanted to go along to The Reggae Brunch with her, and after being separated for 6 weeks there was no other answer but yes!

I didn’t actually have any expectations at all, I hadn’t seen their social media or anything so all I was looking forward to was good food.

To start off, we had unlimited rum punch for the first hour – after coming back from Jamaica, it was great to be tasting rum punch again (not as good as on the island though – haha).

In the background they played reggae as they started serving. We were given a starter which was lamb patty with salt fish fritters, a leafy salad with sweet chilli sauce drizzled on top. I am definitely a party fan so I enjoyed this, the sweet chilli was a great component instead of the ketchup I’d usually use.

Now time for the main. We were greeted a with a plate of full of everyone’s favourite Jamaican dishes. The jerk chicken, rice and peas, dumpling and mixed salad was mouth-watering. You know when your chicken is seasoned so well it makes you smile. I was so content after that, I would have happily had another 3 plates though – haha!

The party started with a ‘conga line’ to ‘Follow The Leader’ around the room. Best way to digest your meal right?

Dessert hit the tables and then hit my stomach on nought point 5 seconds – haha. We had a delicious warm rum cake with vanilla cream, and yes I wanted more then one bowl – haha. After dessert, it was back to the dance floor.

The man on the mic was the ultimate hype man, he was just so much fun. And they had a performance by dancehall artist, M.Dot. The vibes were amazing, we literally danced the morning and afternoon away.

I think they do this every so often, but they have a record of how many songs they have everyone do the ‘Candy/ Electric Slide’ to and I think we managed to his 13 or 14, or possible 17 – haha. It was so much fun and I worked up a sweat, so sure I burnt most of the calories I ate – WINNING!

To close, we had a little Bump N Grind to R Kelly. When we got outside I was so baffled because it was dark outside. That’s what made it so much better, The Reggae Brunch was from 10am to 4/5pm so you can still head out for the evening.

The Reggae Brunch was definitely a good time, I would highly recommend it for anyone that is looking for a good time in the daytime.

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