Just a quick post on my favourite songs at the minute. Music has always played a part in my life and so I thought I would share some of my current favourite songs. I actually listen to a wide range of genres at the moment and they all cater to different moods that I am in. So here they are, have a listen and let me know what you think (:1. Mac Miller ft Ariana Grande – My Favourite Part
By far my absolute favourite song right now! I have been listening to it before the video came out and now I am in love with the video.

2. Tory Lanez – Controlla
I actually heard this version before I heard Drake’s original version. I love this version a lot more though, there is something about the way his voice songs LOL.

3. MoStack – Liar Liar
So I actually didn’t know who MoStack was until he performed at Liquid for the Halloween Ice Cream parties event. Since then, I have been listening to him quite a bit and this is my fave! He has a certain swag to him when he performs which I really like, you even see it in his videos.

4. Yungen ft Angel – Take My Number
Love this one! I just love the beat, the lyrics.. all of it. Yeah, I would definitely take the number if this was the way a guy was giving it to me LOL.

5. Paigey Cakey – Boyfriend
I do not usually listen to Paigey Cakey, but when I came across this one I loved it! It is a proper “independent women, don’t need no man” anthem and but the style of it is very different. It came at a great time and I believe it reminds girls of the goals they should be setting for themselves.

Sometimes I will literally spend an hour listening to the same song and I truly don’t get bored. I would advise you all to have a listen because I am sure that you’ll enjoy them!

Music and love,