Cheerleading is my sport!

Cheerleading is a sport that combines of tumbling (gymnastics), stunting, jumps and dance. There is both competitive (Allstar) and non-competitive cheerleading, both are equally as physically demanding as the other.

I first started cheerleading at the age of 10 and in the last 11 years we have had an on and off relationship. There is a reason as to why I always go back to cheerleading, despite the fact my mum tries her best to discourage me from cheering. Any cheerleader would be able to tell you that cheer is a very expensive sport, but I was willing to sacrifice what I had to to cheer. I am not saying that I had to stop eating for 3 weeks to pay for my Nfinitys, but I would have to cut out certain of things.
With my teams I always had a sense of belonging and felt genuine love from my team mates, that is one of the reasons why I am forever falling in love with the sport.
When I am cheering I am truly happy. I have had some pretty bad days where I’ve felt like I am carrying the weight of the whole solar system on my shoulders and
cheer has been a getaway from life for me.
The friends I made on my team were also people that I did not go to school with, so it was a nice break away from everything and everyone I know.This season I have not been cheering, I started but the training times clashed with my
academic timetable 🙁 My tumble skills are not the strongest at the moment, but that is something that I definitely want to work on for next season. I have
decided to be my own coach and use my times to prepare myself and
develop new skills independently. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have
wanted to be a flyer for aaaaaaaages!
One thing I always tell people during my motivational talks, is that if you reall
want something you will work for it and make it happen!
I need to practice what I preach, lool.Practice. Train. Stretch. Jump. Dance.

I’ll be putting in the work, so look out for my updates and progress.

Fierce Athletics and Brunel Blizzards are the most recent cheer teams that I have been on.
Unfortunately I did not continue through to competitions with the Brunel Blizzards,
but I am over the moon that I get to be of the Varsity 2015 performance.
Look out for pictures.
Fierce Athletics
Season 2013/14 I was part of the Fierce Athletic Panthers.
– All Girls Level 2
Missing these beautiful girls so much! ♡



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