I’m a Masters Graduate. I graduated. With a Masters degree.

After completing my Undergraduate course and graduating in the summer on 2017, I decided that I wanted to go ahead a complete a Masters course. I studied an MSc at Brunel University London where I completed my Undergrad. The course I decided to apply for started in January as I wanted a short break in between to go travelling.

If you read my previous post, ‘MAMA, I DID IT! | GRADUATION‘, you will know that I faced quite a few challenges but I battled through it. My Masters was no different. Life doesn’t just stop because you’ve got an essay, but its the trials and tribulations that make me the person I am today.

My Masters of Science was in Business Intelligence and Social Media. The course identified how businesses gather and use data. The course explored social media, mobile and cloud services and how they are used by businesses. My Masters was definitely a step up from my Undergraduate course. It required a lot more private studying which became more of a challenge as I was living at home and at one point working full-time. My course did allow me to me some really great people. The majority of students on my course were international students, which I absolutely loved. It meant working and exploring people of different cultures and make friends from around the world.

My course started in January 2018, and submitted my dissertation in March 2019. Initially, I was meant to graduate in the summer, however I was pregnant and once I knew I had a baby on the way, I really wanted to share that moment with my baby. That was definitely on of the highlights of the day. Even though baby Zara wasn’t allowed inside the main room, it was great having her around and in the building. Unfortunately my brother came down with chicken pox, so both my brother and sister weren’t able to watch me walk across the stage. However, my Mama, Baby Girl and Best Friend were all able to attend.

I am a Masters Graduate. I did this for my Mum, Brother, Sister and my sweet baby girl.

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