There’s no place like home they say – true but it depends on where you call home. But yeah, nothing super special here. I call my Mama’s house my home (and my Italian Mama’s house is also home), but London is my hometown.

Being away from home for so long there are things that I do and don’t miss. Food is definitely one that I do and don’t miss. Firstly, I do miss my Mother’s cooking. There’s nothing like a good home cooked meal by your Mummy. However, when I went to Zapponeta I had a home cooked meal everyday by my Italian Mama. Being African, the food is obviously quite different to Italian food so I do miss it after awhile.

When I was in Italy I did not eat much meat at all and I actually missed eating meat. More so chicken. Literally the day I came back, I went to Nandos. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a good trip to Nandos so it was the best welcome home.

One thing I did not miss was the weather – of course. I did cross paths with wet weather in Venice, and a sprinkle in Turin, but nothing in comparison to the miserable and topsy turvy weather that was in London. Being in the heat does take me a couple of days to get used to but I absolutely love it. Just writing this blog post in this British weather is making me miss the sun.

I actually don’t miss hearing people speak English. There’s something beautiful about other languages. I don’t speak any other languages other then English, but I enjoy learning other languages and trying to speak other languages when travelling. I particularly love Italian and the Italian accent. I want to learn how to speak Spanish, I have wanted to for years and so 2018 I’m going to make it happen.

Most of all, I miss my family. Particularly my little brother because he is growing up so fast. However, being home after being away for a month comes with struggles. Especially when you’ve been travelling solo and only having to really think about yourself.

Washing dishes, cooking, cleaning (to an extent) are things that I didn’t really do when away and as much as they aren’t strenuous things to do, having to do them to at a time that fits the family and not just

My sleeping pattern was also awful for a long while. What made me laugh was the fact that I was at most an hour ahead of the UK so why I couldn’t sleep properly when I got home was bizarre.

I am happy to home but my home will always be my home and so I’m ready for my next adventure.