I feel like I have had several different epiphanies recently. I have done a bit of travelling and met so many different people from different walks of like who I have learnt from and have help me learn more about myself. In the last couple months, I have had learnt 2 life lessons which have kept me smiling for a while. It is not as if I did not know these things, but I am living by them now.
1. Be yourself.
This is so cliché, but you should always be yourself. Over the last couple years I have become really confident in myself and who I am as a person. I have always been a fairly confident person, but I have seemed to really settle in my skin. Everyone is different and great in their own way. I think the way society works sometimes is we have an image of what should be “normal” and how we should behave. Being yourself is the only kind of “normal” you need to be. In life you should aim to be the best you you can possibly be.
2. Surround yourself with smiles.
This is probably the most valuable life lesson I have learnt recently. If someone is not making you happy or adding positivity into your life, then get rid of them. I recently had someone in my life that we really negative which led to a falling out and so I just had to end that relationship. Obviously, it is not nice losing a friend but sometimes you have to be selfish and do what makes you happy. While I travelling I was so genuinely happy. I met some of the loveliest people whose company I enjoyed and I loved being around. People that were full of positive energy and positive vibes. This made me feel good and the conversations we had were uplifting, made me feel good about myself and made me smile. To keep it short, positivity breeds positivity. Keep those whole make you smile around you.
Be yourself and keep smiles all around you.
Lots of love,