Take Two | Blog Rebirth

So I started this Blog January 2015, initially it was going to be an advice, beauty, skincare and all the above Blog. I soon realised that that is not quite me and I lost interest quite quickly. It was more so because I was going to just throw everything I know about anything. I previously worked for a beauty and skincare retailer, so that is where that came from. I also wanted to pick up some sort of dress sense so that is where the fashion would come into it. I ended up deleting quite a few posts as I thought they were not really up the alley I wanted them to be on.


Leading up to summer, I was really excited about travelling and the many adventures coming my way. And so the rebirth of my Blog happened. I wanted somewhere I can document my thoughts, feelings and what I have learnt from my adventures.
I cannot wait to share with you and I hope you get something from my Blog.