With every experience you have in life, the people along for the journey have a huge impact on how you find your experience. My time in Bergamo was definitely made by the people that were along for the ride. I had an amazing host family, a great team and a wonderful set of kids to work with at camp.

My team, cream of the crop. Sammy, Fareed and Chloe. Honestly the loveliest people to work with and made the experience that much more fun. It was nice having such a supportive, creative and proactive team to work with. The teachers from the school we worked in were great! They were so much fun to work with and I loved seeing the relationships they had with the students.

My little bambini – they were my little bundles of joy and made me laugh so much. I loved having the little ones because they were just absolutely adorable and when I said something in English that they didn’t understand, they had the cutest confused faces. Their performance of the Jungle Book was honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I was literally a proud Mama – they made working everyday so easy. All the other kids at camp were great. I am glad that I spent time with them and built relationships with kids that weren’t even in my class, they were all such sweethearts.

My time in Bergamo was made by the people (Mums, teachers, kids and the rest) I met and spent time with. They all have left a little footprint on my heart.


I created a little video montage of my time in Bergamo which highlights the amazing people that I spent the week.

Ever shared an experience with amazing people? Would love to hear about it in the comments.