Day 3 of my Italian tour found me wondering the cobbled streets of Trastevere.

Trastevere is situated by the River Tiber and south of the Vatican City. The neighborhood of Trastevere is full of character, but can sometimes overlooked by those visiting Rome. Trastevere is has so much to offer and if you ever have the opportunity to visit Rome, put Trastevere on your list.

During the evening, there are a number of bars and restaurants which come to life, also there is a little square in Trastevere where people gather to watch people busking. There are several sights to see in Trastevere such as The Basilica of Santa Maria, Tiber Island and The Botanical Gardens.

I started off just wondering around Trastevere and then did the typical Google “Things to do in Trastevere” and decided that before I return to Roma Termini to get ready for my food tour with The Roman Guy, I would visit Orto Botanico (The Botanical Gardens). It was absolutely beautiful, full of palm trees and a lovely waterfall.

I wondered around for about 3 hours and it was nice getting lost, finding treasures and not having a specific destination. That’s also one of the best parts about travelling solo, there is always an adventure.

The beautiful botanical gardens.

When looking for things to do in Rome, I would definitely recommend visiting Orto Botanico – it was palm tree central and absolutely beautiful. I had the most amazing and tranquil time. It costs about 6 or 8 euros, which I would definitely say is a bit much but it was great nonetheless. I would say it was a great place for a little photoshoot, so I took advantage of how quiet it was. That was also what was great about it, it was so quite and peaceful – I think I saw about 12 people in total and I was there for about an hour. It is pretty big as well, so I was able to find a corner with a view to sit and reflect.

I then went back to The Beehive to get ready for my food tour with The Roman Guy which I was SUPER excited about and all that walking definitely helped me build an appetite. The location of The Beehive literally saved me or I would have been very late for my tour.

After the gelato stop of the food tour, I also ventured through the Jewish Ghetto and met up with a Lisa, who I worked at summer camp with in Italy last year, and one of here friends. We then walked around Tiber Island which was amazing! They had a pop up market which lit up the river and an outdoor cinema with a giant screen that you can see from the top of the bridge. There was a variety of restaurants, market stalls and bars covering both sides of the river surrounding the island – perfect for a summers evening.

View of Tiber Island and the night market.

Trastevere should definitely on the list of places to wander around in Rome.

Have you ventured somewhere away from the traditional tourist destinations or do you prefer to stick to touristy places? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. December 31, 2017 / 8:52 pm

    I don’t know why but seeing young black women traveling really does excite me! It’s really giving me that push to go ahead and plan out my Iceland trip fully. (It will be my first trip alone and out of the country) Rome looks amazing! Did you go by yourself or have you ever gone by yourself on a trip? What advice would you have for those who are planning on it?