Sushi Sundays in San Remo with the Squad – I tried guys. Alitteration is fun – haha.

On Sunday my flatmates/colleagues and myself hired a 5 person bike-buggy and cycled 45 minutes to an hour to San Remo. It was hilarious, because the seats at the back clearly were not made for 5 people with booty. All part of the experience right. Also, those cycling at the front were connected to those at the back, so we had to make sure that we were all always in-sync with each other – did not always work out LOL.

We finally made it to San Remo, I have never been before so I was taken away by its beauty. The sun was shiningm there was a cute “San Remo” water fountain, plenty of palm trees – it was literally like a movie.

The sushi buffet was incredible! It was all you can eat for about €13 and so you could order, eat and then order some more and it was all made fresh for you. I am not the biggest sushi eater, but I really enjoyed it and I loved trying never sushi dishes then what I get from Tesco – haha. Great food and great company.

We then wandered around San Remo after eating to help with the digesting and mentally brace ourselves for the cycle back. The cycle back was definitely quicker. We stopped at cafe that overlooked the water (Insta photo opportunity obvs). Once we got home, we all settled in our respective rooms to chill and prepare for work.

I loved being able to see the neighbouring town to where I was staying. It had a lot more to offer than Arma di Taggia and was incredibly beautiful.

Looking for somewhere to have a cheap stay and beach vacay? Check out San Remo – the Sushi Sunday in San Remo has also been vlogged so look out for it on my channel.


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