When you visit souvenir shops on the main island, there are loads of stores that have different glass ornaments, jewellery, cups etc. – all say “made from Murano glass”. Murano glass is a special glass that is only found on Murano Island. One thing that I saw was recommended to do in Venice was watch a glass blowing sessions.

I wandered around the streets of Murano, weaving in and out of shops looking for something special to take home. And I did. It was a beautiful necklace made with Murano glass – duhhh. I popped into a Church to light a candle and say a little prayer. Across from it was the monument of Murano which was designed and gifted to Murano by Simone Cenedese. After crossing a couple of bridges and asking a couple of people, I found a place to watch a glass blowing demonstration. We were talked through the process and our hose explained that if something is perfect and without any imperfections then its made by machine and not the authentic glass blowing technique. The process is definitely a really interesting one to watch. After the demo, I headed back to the main island to meet my lovely friend Louisa and her sister.

Murano glass beads.
Pretty mirror.
Marry me?
Candles in the Church.
Comet Glass Star, by Simone Cenedese.
Comet Glass Star, by Simone Cenedese.
Smile (:
Flooded, nothing new.
Glass Blowing Demonstration.
Glass Blowing Demonstration.
Pretty glasses made from Murano glass.
Views for days.


From Murano Island I went straight to meet my beautiful friend Louisa and her sister. If you read my post “New Forever Friends“, you would know that I met Lou in June while in Cesenatico training for work. We clicked instantly and had a great two weeks together. I saw on Lou’s Instagram that she was in Venice and of course we had to reunite. We met up in Piazza San Marco and decided to go and find what is known to be the most beautiful bookstore in the world. As it had been raining, Piazza San Marco was flooded. People were rolling up their trousers and taking off their shoes to get through these paddling pools of water. We opted for the long way around to avoid any desperate measures and we did pretty good.

The bookstore is called Libreria Acqua Alta and it is so cute. They have books stacked up in the middle in a gondola and others in bathtubs around the store. Apparently they stack the books this way so that when the bookstore floods they are protected and when it floods really bad, they float in the bathtubs. I actually finished my tour with La Bussola outside of Libreria Acqua Alta, but I didn’t end up going inside. Lucky I saved it for a nice trip with the girls. At the back of the store is a staircase made from old books and magazines, once you’re at the top you’ve got a little view of the canal that runs behind the store. It was a lovely little trip with the girls and I would definitely say you should check out Libreria Acqua Alta.

Flooded Piazza San Marco.
Flooded Piazza San Marco.
Libreria Acqua Alta.
Libreria Acqua Alta.
The beautiful Louisa <3
Beauties; Louisa & Kathryn.


After getting in from an being out all day, I went back to my room to chill for a bit before looking for something to eat. I had a lovely roommate called Marlon from the States and we had an incredible evening wandering through the streets of Venezia. We stumbled across Rialto Bridge and which looked beautiful with all the restaurants along the canal lighting it up. It is so easy to get lost in Venice which made our little adventure even more enjoyable. We grabbed some takeaway pizza from a place called Farini, got some gelato and then headed back. It was a lovely last evening in Venice and I’m glad I had such great company.

Bridge of Sighs.


In Piazza San Marco

My last full day in Venice was definitely a busy one and I spent it in great company. Unfortunately I didn’t get to visit the colourful Burano Island, but I guess that just gives me an excuse to go back to Venice. Venice is honestly a beautiful city, and such an experience. The fact the piazza turns in swimming pool is crazy and people take the shoes off for selfies and videos. Everyone, get to Venice before it disappears underwater!


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