The Yak – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

So you are about to embark on the adventure or holiday of a lifetime. You’ve booked your tickets and now are deciding where you’re going stay. There are several things you need to consider; you’re budget, how many of you are travelling, comfort, cleanliness, how much privacy you want, what the purpose of your trip is and food.


The Mayan Monkey – Cancun, Mexico
The Mayan Monkey – Cancun, Mexico

Hostels are ideal for solo travellers, those travelling on a budget or those wanting to meet people while they travel. There is this crazy stereotype of hostels being dirty and are only suitable for young travellers. Its a completely bonkers. When looking for places to stay, I usually look at the cleanliness rating and reviews. There are some AMAZING hostels that you may get confused with a luxury resort. Rooms are set-up dormitory style, however hostels also have private rooms for those who want a little more privacy. There are also an array of different hostels to stay in. There are some which are great for social butterflies and party people; or there are hostels which cater to those wanting chilled quite nights and more of a mellow setting. Quite a few hostels offer free breakfast which is excellent for budget traveller, some offer free dinner too.

Best sites for hostels:
Hostel Bookers


Hotel Sacha – Paris, France

Hotels, the traditional choice of accommodation for those venturing abroad. Hotels offer a level of privacy and comfort that other accommodations don’t necessarily. As a solo traveller, I tend not to stay in hotels as I like to stay in hostels where I can meet other travellers. Not going to lie, I do love a good hotel stay sometimes – even when I’m travelling solo. Hotels are great if you need alone time and space to completely whine down. Also, hotels are usually securer then other places as the only people who have access to your room are yourself and the hotel staff.

Favourite sites for hotels:


Airbnb – Havana, Cuba


Airbnbs, the home away from home. Whether you’re a penthouse princess or a studio flat superstar, there is something for everyone. Airbnb operates all over the globe, so not matter where you’re going, you can find somewhere amazing to stay. One of the best parts about it is that you can find accommodation for as little as £10.

Website: www.airbnb.co.uk – follow this link and grab yourself £25 free travel credit when you sign up.


House-sitting is a great way to cut the costs and stay in comfortable, cosy accommodation. The premise of house-sitting is that you look after someone’s house in exchange for free stay. This usually includes looking after pets or maintaining the house. There are multiple websites that offer house sits, although I haven’t house sat – I would use Trusted Housesitters. If you love dogs or cats, Trusted Housesitters is perfect for you. Looking at what is available is also a great way to pick your next destination.

Trusted Housesitters – Sign up!


When deciding where to stay while travelling, you have a variety of options to chose from. Whether its group, couple or solo travel, there is something for everyone. Thanks for reading and please do feel free to share this with all your friends and family.

The AirBnb link will give me £15 travel credit if you use it for your booking. Feel free to enjoy the £25 free travel credit.