We had an unintentional early start to our full day in Cancun. But hey, why sleep it away when you can seize the day.

After breakfast, we wondered to the bus station to check the bus times and costs to Tulum the next day. We then stumbled across a poster on the side of the bus station for Cancun open bus tours. We thought why not? We are here for a short while so we might as well make a day out of it. And so we did.

We jumped aboard the Turibus ready to set off on an adventure. What was nice was that there was only 3 other people onboard.

Daniela translated the first couple stops but then we decided just to enjoy the scenery and make sure to do some homework when we have WiFi access. This isn’t my first tour where I had no idea what’s been said, and it’s encouraged me more to learn Spanish and Italian.

The bus tour was 2 hours long and we had one stop which was at the Cancun sign at Playa Delfines. Playa Delfines was beautiful; white sands, turquoise sea. It was a dream.

Best thing about travelling with someone is you can get them to take as many photos of you as you need – haha. And if they are good friends they will work all the angles!

There was actually a queue to take photos by the CANCUN sign. What made it so great, was everybody respected the queue system and that people would be taking many photos with different angles. Other monuments I’ve been too it’s been more of a “jump in when the opportunity arises”, rather than having an actual queue system.

After taking our photos by the CANCUN sign, we decided take a quick dip in the sea before the bus came. The sand kind of sloped downwards so I was trying not to fall in, but an older man grabbed my hand and took me straight in – haha.

On the way back to downtown Cancun, the bus driver stopped at the flea market. I LOVE a good flea market! Negotiating, haggling – it’s my thing.

I’m order to be able to negotiate and haggle well, we had to feed our bodies and went to an AMAZING Mexican restaurant called Mextreme. We split a Mexican platter which had chicken tamales, quesadillas, fried chicken tacos, sopes with pork sausage and potato, chicken panuchos and of course nachos!

It was so good and the service was incredible. I would recommend anyone on Cancun taking a visit there.

The flea market was great. So many vendors yelling for you to come and take a look in the store. The first store we went to was great, but the prices weren’t. Unlike Daniela, I did not buy something from the first place we were stop. That’s a rookie error, but you live and she’s learnt – haha. I actually got two tops and a magnet for the price she paid for one t-shirt – haha.

I managed to get all my souvenirs, except for something for my Mama (disappointed in myself – haha). I really enjoy flea markets and learning about the crafts that people create. However, sometimes I take what is said with a pinch of salt because they usually all have the same thing and all say it’s handmade Lool.

We returned back to the hostel for a chilled evening and starting planning for the next day. Cancun has so much to offer whether you’re interested in partying or having a more chilled time. We started by having chilled evenings and a full day out on the town.



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