The bus ride to Tulum didn’t feel that long at all, I slept a lot of it though. We arrived at about 2pm and had to decided whether to look for somewhere to stay tonight or whether we should catch the 12.40am coach straight to Belize City. I thought financially it would be wiser to save on a nights accommodation and catch the coach to that night. All we needed to do was find a hostel to dump our backpacks and we could explore the local town.

Amorcito Corazon Hostel is located right behind the bus station and was absolutely lovely. The colourful hammocks and chairs were paired with beautiful white walls and cute swings for seats lined up against cute mini palm tree looking plants. The staff were so lovely and let us leave our backpacks in the hostel for a small fee while we ventured around.

We walked along the main road that had lots of craft shops where you can get handmade souvenirs. It’s a rookey error to purchase from the first shop you find, so we walked along the street and then went to go and find something to eat.

I am all about eating local so we found a restaurant around the back of the main road. Local prices are always a lot cheaper then the prices that tourists pay. I wanted to try something new so I opted in for gringas, which is pretty similar to fajitas; and Daniela chose to have a burrito.

We headed back to Amorcito Corazon to use the toilet and chill of a second before going out to get souvenirs. We came across a lovely gentleman who owed a shop and want to recruit us as his Portuguese and British wives – haha. He was really lovely and was happy to give us a generous discount. I get a magnet from every city I visit so I was happy I secured my magnets from Tulum.

After grabbing magnets and our tickets to Belize City, we headed back to Tulum and had a 4 to 5 hour wait. Thank goodness for WiFi and Netflix.

The time had come. Time to put on some extra layers and head to the bus station. The bus was 15 minutes behind schedule, however that didn’t really make much of a difference to be honest. We boarded the bus and set off for Belize.


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