Caye Caulker stole a part of heart and I know that I will definitely be heading back in 2018.

Off of the main island, is a private beach and bar called Koko King – its paradise. You get a free boat from the main island and all you need to do is spend 10 Belizean Dollars, which is roughly the price of a cocktail. If you don’t, you have to pay 10 Belizean Dollars for the ride.

As we arrived, we were greeted by crystal blue waters and the music blasting creating the best island vibes. Although it was November, I felt like we were back in summer. The atmosphere was overwhelming, you couldn’t help but be happy and smile.

After sipping on some cocktails, we ventured into the water where we met a group of travellers from New Zealand and Europe. We all sat on a huge hammock in the middle of the water, sharing our travel stories and what adventures we had coming up. Honestly, I truly love meeting people when travelling and hearing about their plans and where they’ve been so far. I actually want to start sharing more of those stories on my YouTube channel.

After spending the larger part of the afternoon in the sea, we decided to grab some happy hour cocktails and head to the roof of the bar. By this point, they were playing my entire Spotify list and we were vibeing with the most scenic views.

As we were living our best lives, we see two Belizean girls we met pull up on a speed boat. What else could we do but join them! The gentleman who owned the boat drove it to The Split and we danced on the boat like some island video vixens – haha. If you want my video, you will see the whale of a time we were having.

As the sunset drew in, we headed back to Koko King to get our clothes and bags (we prayed it was still there and it was), then headed back to shower and find something to eat.

I would love to live it all again, it was incredible and I will definitely be returning to the island.

This was by far one of my favourite days of the trip so far. We were literally living our best lives with what Daniela calls a “F*** boy free glow” – haha.

That was our last full day in Caye Caulker, we were meant to go snorkelling in morning but we couldn’t due to bad weather. We then had the worlds longest land transit. We went from Belize to Costa Rica, crossing 4 other countries. The Transit.

Read my next post where I share the journey from Belize to Costa Rica, and how to prepare for a long bus trip.

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