We finally arrived in Cancun after an 11 hour flight. It took forever to get our luggage, we waited about 45 minutes before We could set off. We were greeted at the door by locals asking if anyone needed a taxi and Daniela got caught by one – haha.

First things first, do not jump into the first taxi at the airport. They are charging tourist prices, unless it’s late or dark, the shuttle/public buses are usually the best way to get to your accommodation. As I have travelled solo quite a bit, I know what to look out for. Whereas Daniela has done more family/companion trips and volunteering abroad. So there are things you learn as a solo traveller that you don’t always learn when travelling with people. After much contemplation, we ended up getting a taxi to our hostel. When we arrived, the taxi driver had taken us to one address and the address we had was completely different. We then ended up getting dropped off at another hostel, Hostel Granada 6.

Once we settled in we ventured out looking for food. I really enjoy Mexican food and so I couldn’t wait to get start eating in Mexico. Daniela and I split a burrito, taco and nachos – we ended up taking the nachos home to finish.

We then retreated back to the hostel to chill and sleep. We weren’t meant to be in Cancun but I looked forward to seeing what this adventure had in store for us.


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