It’s funny because on our first evening in Caye Caulker I was told twice to slow down. I didn’t really understand at first, but after a day on the island I do. I do get it. The island life is so relaxed and chilled, time seems to go by really slowly. But that’s because everyone seems to just be living in the moment. Not in a hurry to get from A to B all the time. It’s made me reflect on how I live my life and how I want to make sure that I am enjoy and taking in each and everyday. Not just let the days run past me.

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.“

We spent the later afternoon and evening just chilling at the Lazy Lizard and planning our next steps. Not that we really wanted to, we were definitely content with staying in Caye Caulker. I also picked up an admire, the hype man on the DJ set who before knowing my name called me “Choco-Latte” – haha. He was actually such a laugh and a really good musician, he was a singer so he sang for me and Daniela. He also told us about a party at the Lazy Lizard and we decided that was the night’s motive.

As you walk along the main side of the island, you’ll find different vendors offering food, handmade crafts, snorkelling trips and just chilling. We came across one vendor on the way to The Split which smelt so good and we definitely knew we were heading their for dinner. When we were heading back we bumped into Chris, the gentleman that worked there and he told us they closed at 5pm.

Where to eat now? Best advice is you always ask a local and ask them where they eat. The manager of Chris’ restaurant had a cousin who had another one so he took us there.

Dee&D’s was amazing! We had jerk chicken, coconut rice and beans with salad and rum punch all for £7.50. And the portion size was more than generous. Chris was lovely, really made us feel welcome on the island and was great to talk to and learn about Belize from. I love when you can meet someone and just talk about life and it feels like you’ve known each other for ages.

I think it’s so important when travelling to connect with the locals. When you show genuine interest in their lives and culture they appreciate it. You also learn so much more about where you are. Chris told us his story and how he ended up living on Caye Caulker and why he prefers the island to mainland Belize, in particular Belize City. The was also the cutest puppy called Diesel and I honestly wanted to take him home. It was a great meal with great company.

We were actually meant to go to a party at the Lazy Lizard, the bar by The Split, but we woke up 2 hours later then expected. When we did wake up, we then had no motivation to really move anywhere. So we went back to sleep. Part of me thinks we should have just got up and lived the island life, but there’s always tomorrow. This time a scheduled nap should probably be earlier – haha.

We also stumbled across a beautiful sunset. Sunsets in Caye Caulker were absolutely amazing every day – made me fall in love with the island over and over.