When I knew I was heading to Cuba, I contacted my friend who lives in Cuba to let him know I. He actually lived in Cienfuegos, rather than Havana and so I decided to take a trip to see him. Melissa (my friend I was in Cuba with) decided that she did not want to come because she was worried about not making it back to Havana in time to fly out.

I arrived in the evening around 5pm and was approached by a young guy asking if I needed a taxi or a casa. My gut told me I would be okay, so I went with him. He also helped with getting me a taxi to my friends’ house and communicating the address. My friend speaks little English and fluent Spanish and Italian so he did not understand what I was saying over the phone – haha.

When I eventually was dropped off to meet him, I was welcomed with the biggest grin and arms opened wide. It happy literally been a year since we first met and we were both genuinely happy to be reconnected. He took me back to his house were were listened to some Latin music and had a lovely catch up. I also met his 14 year old brother, who was like twice my height and a cutie pie.

So, I am not a beer drink at all – don’t like the taste, but he bought beer for me and my “I don’t like beer” got lost in translation – haha. I drank it anyway but I can fully confirm – I DO NOT LIKE BEER.

We spent the evening being super bilingual, speaking Spangtalianglish (Spanish, Italian and English) – it was really funny but it actually got the job done. It was getting late, so he got a taxi for me which was 5 times cheaper then the one I used to get there. Tourist prices *eyeroll*.

The family who own the casa were so sweet, in the morning they came to my room to check on me and make sure that I am okay. I asked the guy who had been looking after me if I could get a taxi to Havana in the next two hours and he said no problem and arranged it. I went to wonder down the main strip, just to see a bit of Cienfuegos in the day time – haha.

If I was to go back to Cuba, I would stay in Cienfuegos for a couple of days to see what the city has to offer.


Other than the trip to Cienfuegos, I stayed in Havana while in Cuba. Check out my video and let me know what you think in the comments.