After the most amazing 5 days in Cuba, the next stop was KINGSTON, JAMAICA!

Jamaica was an experience that was second to none, we went to visit my friend who lives in Trench Town and were truly living like locals. I actually didn’t take many photos or videos while in Kingston. It was a nice break from feeling like I had to document everything properly. I was also able to really enjoy the company that we were in.

My friend introduced us to his friends and they took really good care of us while we were out there. One of the biggest benefits was that we were not paying tourist prices because we were with them. They were also so much fun to be around. I got to know Smiley pretty well and he is honestly the sweetest person and such great company.

I definitely want to go back to see more of Jamaica and to visit the boys.

Daniela, Ashlee (Me), Melissa and Keemo
First meal in Kingston, Jamaica!
Jerk chicken and rice and peas.
Laugh and Gwan and the river.
Me, Smiley and Melissa.
(Back left to front right) Keemo, Daniela, King, Me, Smiley and Melissa.
With the neighbours and the cutest piece of pie (:
Cristof telling Daniela about life in Trench Town on the roof.
A GOAT going through rubbish – haha!
Smiley, Me, Melissa and Keemo – Last night in Kingston.
Last night in Trench Town.


Here’s a little video of our time in Kingston. On our first day the boys took us to the river for the day and of course we had to go with the GoPro. Have a watch and let me know what you think in comments (:



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