MEH-HICO WE’RE BACK! As you may already know, we were in Mexico at the beginning of our trip because we missed our flight to Colombia because Daniela didn’t have an ESTA for the US. Instead of staying in Cancun, once we landed we got the first bus to Playa Del Carmen.


We arrived in Playa Del Carmen in the early afternoon and were heading to a hostel called The Yak. When we arrived, we were ecstatic because it was incredible and only cost us £11 per night in a four people dorm. In true Ashlee and Daniela fashion, we decided to have a nap and then travel out to get food. Mexican food is AMAZING! I cannot fault Mexican food at all, especially Mexican food in Mexico – their nachos are out of this world! We decided to have a burrito and portion of nachos then split it between us.

After dinner, we wondered around and found ourselves following the music which led us into Abolengo, a bar/nightclub. Spontaneous nights are always a bundle of joy and it was nice to finally be dancing again. I was in my element! I listen to Latin music all the time and it was one great big sing-a-long for me. It got to about 3am and we were definitely ready to head home and so we went back to The Yak.


What is actually funny about this day is that we weren’t even drinking that much the night before, but we were exhausted. I guess the nap did not suffice and all the travelling had properly caught up to us. We actually spent the day in the hostel chilling and only actually ventured out for food. It was pretty good food though. Mexican food is definitely up there with Italian.


So it was our last day just the two us so we decided to make the most of our last couple hours.

Daniela is a beach baby, so we spent the entire day at the beach. I love being in the water but I was starting to get sick of salt water – haha. We took a break from the beach while we booked our Chichen Itza tour and grabbed some churros. Maaaaaate, churros in Mexico are only nice if they fry them fresh in front of you. These looked like they were going to be amazing, but they were awful. I was just lucky mine had Kinderbueno in the middle to compliment the terrible churro – haha. To counteract the awful churro, we headed back to the beach where we thought we would catch the sunset but there were too many clouds – it was lovely nonetheless.

In the evening we were joined by Dhienell, Daniela’s best friend and my childhood friend. The two of them were heading to Cuba together when I was going to New York and I was spending my first birthday out of the country with them. When Dhienell arrived we all freshened up and decided to go out to each. While we were eating we came across Ipanema’s, a Brazilian steakhouse and decided to eat there as my early birthday meal. Best decision. It was all you could eat and it tasted amaaaazing! I honestly wanted to keep the steak coming but I was ready to burst. I would highly recommend Ipanema’s to anyone in Playa Del Carmen.

After dinner, we had a stroll around as we weren’t ready to go to bed yet and ended up at a really nice salsa bar. We met the loveliest guy who danced with a bit of salsa with all three of us. Honestly, I really want to start taking lessons. I watch YouTube and Instagram videos all the time and now I actually want to learn how to dance so that next time I am in Latin America, I am feeling confident when someone asks me to dance.


When in Mexico, you definitely need to visit Chichen Itza. Its one of the seven wonders of the world so how could we not. We decided to take a full day tour with Easy Tours which meant our day was starting at 8am. The first stop was for breakfast and a cenote (forgot the name, sorry). We didn’t bother with breakfast we would be having a free lunch later. After our little pit stop, we took a trip to Ik Kil Cenote for a swim and that was lovely. I opted in for a life jacket because if not I would drown – haha. It was really nice though, I love being in water and doing things I wouldn’t be able to do if I was in London.

Lunchtime! We had a buffet lunch with traditional dancing as entertainment. Then it was time for the main event, Chichen Itza. We had a guided tour around Chichen Itza and were then able to roam around the ancient ruins alone. The last stop of the day with the small town on Valladolid. We had about 15 minutes there, which allowed us to get souvenirs and churros. A full run down of the day will be in my next post, so look out for it.


So we woke up and headed straight to check out and catch a coach to Cancun. My 24th birthday was literally 24 hours away and I wanted to make sure it was one to remember and it definitely was – haha. It was nice to be back in Cancun and we stayed at Mayan Monkey, which was an incredible 3 week old hostel. Definitely one of, if not the best hostel we stayed in in Central America.

The Yak – Playa Del Carmen

I can definitely see myself visiting Playa Del Carmen again, I didn’t get to see Coba or Riviera Maya so I do want to go back in the next couple of years. Have you ever been to Playa Del Carmen? Was it for the history or the party scene? Comment below (:


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