Whether you’re travelling solo, with a friend or in a group, it’s always great to meet new people. However, sometimes people feel its harder to make new friends without the comfort of their old friends. It can be quite daunting, especially when in a new country but here is a guide to where and how you can do it with no problem.


Hostels are one of the best places to meet people, especially if you’re staying in a dorm. Most people who stay at hostels will be travellers like yourself, so you can just start up a conversation asking where someone is from and where they have and plan to travel. Also most hostels have communal spaces for all guests to use and like to create a sense of community in the hostel. Some also organise tours and games nights or beer pong tournaments to help travellers meet each other. Some hostels also have a breakfast and dinner time, where they encourage everyone to eat, meet and be merry.


Whether it’s a walking tour of the city or it’s a tour the city’s sights, tours will always have people you can talk to. What makes them even better is you already have topics to talk about. Whether it’s how beautiful that statue is or “wow, that’s incredible. I didn’t know that” – to all the facts you hear, well not all – haha! Tour guides are usually locals, so they are great to ask where you can meet new people.


Markets are another place to meet people while travelling. Market vendors are usually really friendly (especially if you buy from them), but they are also open to you asking other questions or having a general chat. You will also meet people who are also travelling – us travellers are usually easy to identify – haha!


Speak to the bartender – haha! No joke though, it’s part of their job. Most people who work in bars are really friendly and chatty. They are also used to dealing with difficult drunks, so a kind friendly face will be welcomed with open arms. Also, after a couple drinks people are usually really friendly and if they know you’re alone will probably invite you over (be smart though). Bars that have dance floors are great! Do you little two step and join the little circle that my be dancing next to you.
Okay, so this may sound gross but toilets. All females can relate. We have all found a new bestie in a bar or club toilet before – haha! When you’re fixing yourself in the mirror, you compliment someone’s shoes and you are instant friends. REMEMBER BOUNDARIES – not everyone will be comfortable.


Yes, museums. They are perfect for meeting people that are into similar things as you. You are also surrounded by things to talk about and obviously share the same interests. I went to a Daddy Yankee concert when I was in Madrid and I had a great time. I also met some lovely people at the concert, who obviously loved the same music I did and we had things to chat and bond over. Even in London, I went to a Maluma concert and made friends with some girls who were also from London. I don’t have friends that really love Latin music, so it was great to meet new people that do. Concerts are also a reason to travel, if you favourite artist is playing in another country, why not make a thing out of it.
For those of you travelling and worried about being all alone, hopefully you find this post handy. Let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions.
Happy travels!