Snowy New York
Churros and Chocolate – yummm!
Macy’s Time Square
NAS – Queens, New York
Ready to face the snow.
On the Highline.
View from the Highline.
On the Highline.
Broadway or 5th Ave?
Flatiron Building.
Whatchu looking at?
Snuggly Selfie.
If only you knew what it took to get this photo – haha!
New Yorkan Apartments.
Love Johnson’s baby products, had to buy these minis!
Radio City Music Hall.
My Applebee’s Meal.
Meet one of New York’s rappers.
New York’s bright lights.
With my homie.
Lunch with Fareed at The Smith, Manhattan.
Hey Fareed.
The Juilliard.
GiGi Cafe – A MUST in New York.
GiGi Cafe.
Cake cake cake!
Cutest man. New Yorkers are my faves.
Guess who loves GiGi Cafe?
GiGi Cafe’s Manager – the loveliest gent in town.
I sat on their faces. Well hovered over them – haha!
Inside Local 138.
Local 138 Bar.
Local 138 Bar.
Vanessa’s Dumpling House.
Mmmm… best dumplings ever!
New York’s Finest.
Live Life Colorfully.
Sunset on Brooklyn Bridge.
Brooklyn Bridge Selfie.

New York in the winter definitely was an experience and I would love to see New York in the summer. Returning after 7/8 years, I fell in love with the city all over again – I was literally a kid in a candy store. Until next time NY!

Ever been to New York? Seen some of the places I visited on this trip? Let me know in the comments.
Love and Travel,