“When In Dalian” – definitely the quote of the two weeks in Dalian.
My University (Brunel University London) gave me an opportunity of a lifetime! Week one was incredible and I was definitely looking forward to the rest of my time in Dalian.



I travelled to and from China with another Brunel student and we did not book our train tickets from Beijing to Dalian in advance. I like to say “It’s All Part of the Adventure”. We couldn’t get the train we wanted to get so we had to spend 6 hours waiting in Beijing. I was not going to complain 😀 There were so many people at the Beijing Railway Station – literally hundreds of them. It was surreal, the fact that I was in China was crazy to me. I have always wanted to travel to China but I never thought it would happen so soon. I was overly excited to be in China and while my travel buddy took a nap in Starbucks, I ventured around the shopping mall. It was great. The mall was not busy, but I got my first taste of China. Due to not booking our tickets in advance we had to buy STANDING tickets. This meant standing for 6 hours – I was not going to be standing for that long. I used my suitcase, backpack and a fleecy blanket as a bed and slept for about 4 hours LOL.
^ My bed for 6 hours from Beijing to Dalian LOL ^
2. HOT POT – SECOND CHINESE MEALMy second Chinese was a ‘Hot Pot’ – we were taken there to lunch by Joy and Karen who were assigned to support our group while we were in Dalian. The Hot Pot was so good! You were given a flavoured boiled water (I chose spicy) then we had an array a meat and vegetables that we put into the water to cook. There were also different dips that we could dip the meat and veg into. I absolutely loved it! I would definitely want to have the Hot Pot in the winter as it made me really hot.


The welcome party was incredible! The food was great, there was a huge variety of food and it was an all you can eat buffet. We were definitely the party starters, getting up to dance, inviting everyone else up to dance and just having a great time.

4. CHINESE PAINTING I really enjoy arts and crafts so the Chinese painting was so much fun for me. I was also pretty good at it too.


5. VISITING SQUARESI loved travelling around the different squares (areas of attraction e.g. Trafalgar Squares) of Dalian. As part of our Chinese course, we did cultural activities. We were taken to several different squares in Dalian and I am a big fan of scenic areas, so the coach ride was great for me. Dalian is a truly beautiful city. One thing that was quite crazy in was the amount of people who wanted to take photos with me. I had already a taste of stardom in Beijing when people asked for photos; I guess it is because some people in China will go their entire lives without seeing a Black person. There was quite a few of us on the trip so when we were taking photos we ended up being swarmed by people. I do love meeting people so I didn’t mind so much. Overly I loved visiting the squares.
I really enjoyed our Chinese language lessons. Our laoshi (teacher) was so sweet and absolutely hilarious. Learning different languages is something that I enjoy on a normal day, so being able to learn Chinese in China was a really exciting prospect for me. Classes started at 8.30am, which I thought was great because it was not as hot and I am most alert at that time. The lessons were really active and engaging and I made sure to put my hand up any time laoshi asked for volunteers.


I love babies and children so much! I think they are a Blessing from God and are absolutely beautiful. When I saw on our itinerary that we will be visiting a kindergarten I was so excited. The kindergarten was lovely. The facilities were amazing, artwork everywhere and the ratio of children to adults was great. It was a kindergarten for families that were quite well-off, so it was not the most accurate indication to what Chinese kindergartens are like. (By the way: kindergarten = nursery). However, it was great and I really enjoyed the visit.
Overall, it was an incredible and I was super excited to see what the weekend and following week had in store.
Zaijian for now! Look out for my post on Dalian – Week 2.


  1. Christina
    May 7, 2017 / 9:26 am

    Oh wow, this sounds like such a cool experience – and it definitely looks like you’re enjoying every second of it!

    Christina, Cavaforlunch.com xx

  2. May 7, 2017 / 4:04 pm

    What a great opportunity! Is Chinese difficult to learn? Looks like you’re having a blast! 🙂

    • AshleeMoyo
      May 8, 2017 / 2:25 pm

      It really was amazing. It was quite difficult, but definitely enjoyable 🙂

  3. Karin
    May 8, 2017 / 7:45 pm

    Great opportunity! It looks like you´re having a lot of fun and also that the program is cool 🙂 would love to get to China one day myself 🙂