Second day in Prague and we woke up to a SNOW DAY! This travel diary will be short and sweet as we had a pretty quiet day due to weather.

Usually I check the weather before I travel, but I definitely did not do that before travelling to Prague.

The day started at the breakfast buffet. As you can see, I made sure to get enough to fill me up for the day. That is definitely a tip for all travellers.

Tip: Fill up on breakfast, maybe make a takeaway roll or crossaints and you’ll save yourself buying snacks and needing lunch.

We thought we would head back to the Old Town Square, take some photos and discover some history. However, it didn’t go 100% to plan. Before leaving the hotel, we had (I had) a little photoshoot in the snow.

We then headed on the train back to the Old Town Square. It took about an hour because the tram took FOREVER and it was absolutely FREEEEEEZING! We had a little wonder through the shops and for souvenirs and then decided that enough was enough and we wanted to head back.

Obviously, we had to find some food before heading back and we decided on both Vapiano and McDonald’s. Then an Uber back to the crib it was.

As much as it wasn’t the most adventurous and cultural day, it was a great sister bonding day. Just chilling in the hotel, watching TV, eating food, chatting. It was great.

Day 2 in Prague travel diary done. Like I said at the beginning, short and sweet. Make sure to read part 1 and then part 3 of my travel diary.

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