Those of you that keep up-to-date with my blog would know that whenever I travel, I love to experience the country through my taste buds. Food tours are a great way to taste authentic local cuisine and find places with local and not tourist prices. If you read my previous post, Things to Do in Edinburgh you’ll see that on the list is take a food tour with Eat Walk Edinburgh.

While in Edinburgh, I took the Old and New Town Tour with Eat Walk Edinburgh. The tour takes you through both the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh, showcasing the city’s history and local delicacies.

Scottish Smoked Salmon


The tour started with at the beautiful Radisson Blu Hotel, where we were greeted by a light snack before officially starting the tour. Our tour guide Alan started the tour by introducing the group and giving us a short introduction to Edinburgh.

The first taste of Edinburgh was the Scottish Smoked Salmon. If you know me, you would know how much I LOVE smoked salmon. No lie, after I finish this post I will probably head to Tesco for a packet – haha. As we sampled the silky textured and smoky flavoured fish from The Highlands, Alan told us about the process of smoking salmon and how it was used as a way to preserve the salmon.

After the smoked salmon, we walked through to the Grassmarket and round to the Writers’ Museum. Which was just around the corner from our next stop, Makars Gourmet Mash Bar.


Makars Gourmet Mash Bar was the next stop and I had actually had dinner there the night before. At this stop, we were introduced to Edinburgh Raspberry Gin which was great as the prosecco was added to it. We also had a sample size black pudding, Scottish cheddar/chive cheese mash and slow cooked beef skirt with mushrooms and rich dark gravy. This was absolutely amazing. Firstly, black pudding isn’t as bad as I initially thought it was. It just needs to be made the right way.

The slow cooked beef skirt and rich dark gravy was AMAZING! I could have eaten it over and over again. The way the beef was so soft, tender and juicy and pulled apart so easily. Accompanied by the Scottish Cheddar and Chive mash, scrumptious!


After venturing through the New Town Edinburgh, we arrived at our third stop, The Scotch Malt Whiskey Society. The Scotch Malt Whiskey Society was founded in Edinburgh in 1963. They provide their members with rare and innovative single cask whiskies.

Having tried Haggis the day before, I was really looking forward to the Haggis neeps and tatties that we would be having at our third stop. Accompanying our Scottish delicacy was a glass of whiskey. I am not usually as whiskey drinker, so even having diluted it with water it was too strong for me. However, the other tour members thoroughly enjoyed it.



Our fourth and final savory stop was a cute little bar/restaurant, where we given an option of wines or beer to accompany our charcuterie.

Charcuterie is a board of cheese and meats (i.e. salami). The cheeses ranged from goats cheese, to brie and cheddar. Anyone knows me, knows I LOVE cheese and so I was very happy with this part of the tour.


And finally time for dessert. On the menu for dessert was Scottish Cranachan. Cranachan is traditional Scottish dessert that contains cream and oats. The Cranachan was served in a tasty thin dark chocolate cup. I’ve got quite the sweet tooth, so I really enjoyed the Cranachan. It was just the right sweetness and perfectly creamy.

Throughout the tour around Edinburgh our lovely guide Alan shared the history of Edinburgh and pointed out the many historical landmarks.

Make sure you check out Eat Walk Edinburgh and if you are ever in Edinburgh, Glasglow or St. Andrews – grab a tour.

Would love to hear what you think or about your favourite food tours in the comments.



  1. Gloria
    March 18, 2019 / 6:20 am

    Thank you for sharing this epic experience with us ! It was such a big eye opener for me to have more information. You actually took us to Edinburgh with you . Your detailed review was so great .

    • AshleeMoyo
      March 23, 2019 / 12:52 am

      No worries – glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for such a lovely comment (:

  2. March 18, 2019 / 12:42 pm

    Now this is my type of restaurant, the food and atmosphere looks so good! I can’t wait to visit.

    • AshleeMoyo
      March 23, 2019 / 12:51 am

      It was great – you definitely should and let me know how it was (:

  3. Maria K. Niezgoda Azanha
    March 19, 2019 / 11:03 am

    AWw these look delicious! Definitely Edinburgh is one of my favourite European cities!

    • AshleeMoyo
      March 23, 2019 / 12:52 am

      They definitely were! (:

  4. Samantha
    March 20, 2019 / 2:26 pm

    I can wait to visit Edinburgh soon! Gonna look take at this post for pointers!

  5. March 21, 2019 / 6:43 am

    Yum! I’m adding that cheese board at the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society to my to-visit list!

  6. March 21, 2019 / 4:27 pm

    This is such a creative blog post. You took some epic pictures and we are loving the write up!!

    • AshleeMoyo
      March 23, 2019 / 12:54 am

      Thank you – glad you enjoyed it! (:

  7. March 22, 2019 / 10:23 pm

    I’ve never considered Edinburgh, but now its on my list of places to go. You made these dishes look too delectable and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

    • AshleeMoyo
      March 23, 2019 / 12:54 am

      I am glad. Edinburgh is definitely one of the UK’s gems (:

  8. March 23, 2019 / 12:00 am

    Scottland has always been a destination I’ve dreamed of visiting. The food alone makes me know I will love the culture. A friend recently moved there for a job and she likes it.

    • AshleeMoyo
      March 23, 2019 / 12:55 am

      You should definitely get there as soon as you can. The weather is also getting better so there will be a lot more to do (:

  9. March 23, 2019 / 7:02 am

    It sounds like it was a great experience. The dessert looks and sounds delish!

  10. March 24, 2019 / 3:30 am

    I’ve never been to Scotland, but ever since I found out that their national animal is a Unicorn I’ve wanted to go lol I want to visit there even more so seeing all the delicious food pictures you’ve posted! Yummy!

  11. Janiel
    March 24, 2019 / 5:14 pm

    Edinburgh and Scotland in general are one of my favorite countries in the whole world. I wasn’t able to get all the delicious food in though (only finding this out now b/c of your post) — soooo guess that means I will just have to go back!!

  12. March 25, 2019 / 1:33 am

    I’ve never thought of going to Edinburg! I can’t lie, the food alone has me considering a trip!

  13. March 28, 2019 / 3:09 am

    Thanks for sharing some experiences you had experienced. Will keep this in mind if I go there someday.

  14. Laura
    March 31, 2019 / 7:37 am

    This looks so nice place to visit! And the food looks so delicious, makes me hungry x

  15. September 4, 2019 / 6:28 pm

    What an incredible experience!! I too like to try new restaurants when I’m in a different city, it’s like food is the language of the place!!

    Natonya |

  16. October 25, 2019 / 11:54 am

    The idea of doing a food tour never really crossed my mind to be honest but looking through your piece now it has. I like how food and history of Edinburgh is rolled into one. In my opinion the tour does look quite fancy and middle class. Nothing wrong with that of course but I would’ve preferred to see more of a everyday working class local’s food experience, especially having been to Edinburgh earlier this year. It’s something I could relate to more too. Anyway Really good write-up though and I’m happy to see you enjoyed the food tasting experience.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures