The final day of a sister excursion to Prague has come. As we had a 7pm flight, we wanted to make the most of our day and get out as soon as possible. As this is part 3 of my Prague travel diary, make sure you read part one and part two?

After breakfast, we headed packed our bags and headed down to Reception to check-out and store our bags. That’s one of the great things about hotels and hostels. They all usually have somewhere they can store your baggage before or after you’ve checked-out and its free (most of time).

Prague Travel Diary
Prague Travel Diary

Now where to go and what to see? One of the most famous landmarks in Prague is St Charles Bridge and another is Prague Castle. So we thought it would be wise to take a train into the city centre and then have venture from the bridge to the castle and catch sights along the way.

Prague Travel Diary

It had definitely warmed up since the lovely snow day. The sun was slightly out and their were some lovely blue skies. Before heading to St Charles Bridge, we stopped by another bridge for photos. It was nice being away from home, walking and talking – really getting to know each other. They always say, you get to know people when you travel with them.

As expected, St Charles Bridge was full of tourists but the view from the bridge was stunning none the less. I actually didn’t learn about the history of the bridge, however I will definitely do some research about it.

Prague Travel Diary

Prague Castle. So we made it all the way up to Prague Castle, but due to the lack of time we decided not to go inside, but head to the viewpoint for some photos. The views of the Prague covered in snow were incredible. There was a Starbucks that had great seats for some Instagram-worthy shots. Bonus, you didn’t even have to buy a drink to go in – haha.

Overall, it was a great trip. Yes, we did have a couple of sister squabbles but we always make up in the end and would definitely want to do it all again. I am hoping that we get to head for more weekends away in Europe throughout the rest of 2019.

Hope you enjoyed my 3 part Prague travel diary. I definitely want to visit Prague again when their is better weather. I would probably add a food tour and maybe a day trip to another city.

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  1. November 13, 2019 / 10:18 pm

    I’ve never been to Prague but it’s been on the list for a while now. These photos are so beautiful, I love the first one over the bridge. It seems like Prague is a great place to visit when you have a short travel window x


    • AshleeMoyo
      November 23, 2019 / 10:09 pm

      You should definitely take a trip when you get the chance. Yes definitely, you can see quite a bit in a short period of time. Thanks – glad you like the photos (: