Bergamo is truly a beautiful city.

When I first heard that I was going to Bergamo, I was not sure what to expect. All I knew of Bergamo was that it has beautiful mountains and that it’s not too far from Milan. While living life in beautiful Bergamo, I learnt a bit about its interesting history and was able to enjoy Bergamo’s beautiful scenery. Living with a host family in Bergamo was incredible as I got to see the city through locals’ eyes.

I got to the top of the stairs in Bergamo Station and was greeted the cutest little girl holding a sign she made that said “Welcome Ashlee”. 

Bless her, the whole car journey she was super quiet – who wasn’t a 6 years old – haha. The apartment was really nice, super cosy and slightly quirky. I slept in Greta’s room (my host child), which was a beautiful Princess room and I loved it!

After settling in my home for the week and changing into some fresh, clean clothes we went a food festival called Alpino e Volontario per Sempre. The event was run by ex-soldiers and were in their 25th year celebrations. 

It was a lovely evening with my family and about another 6 families. I was also about to meet some of the little ones that were going to be in my class. There was one called Federico and he was honestly the cutest and funniest boy I’ve met. All the kids were pretty shy and would say “Ciao” and then runaway – haha!

I had ribs and chips, as well as tasting my host Mum’s polenta and sausage. I had definitely arrived! The food was so good, I could have eaten it five times over and felt no way about it. 

Federico’s Mum had an intense round of bingo and when all festivities were over we headed home. That’s exactly what it was, I felt so relaxed and like I was at home. 

Saturday evening, my host Mum told me that on Sunday we are going on a tour of the Old Town. I love learning about the history of places I visit and experience different culture. I was really excited because it was a way for me to

To keep the kids engaged, the tour was like a treasure hunt and the lady leading it asked the kids to spot them animals on each coat of arms and then explained what they mean. What I found really interesting was that the Bergamo was once under the Venetian Empire, Austrian Empire and Hungarian Empire. Also, the bells used to be rung to let people know that there was a few minutes until curfew. Different parts of Italy are slightly different and some of that is due the history of the place/region. 

The second to last evening was definitely one of my favourite. We 

The view from my balcony was absolutely beautiful, because I was using my phone and I guess not focusing, the photos haven’t come out great and don’t do the view justice. The sun setting over the mountains every evening was a sight to see. 

During the day I was Ashlee, the Camp Captain of Camp Alzano and I LOVED IT! Spending all day singing songs and playing games with 6 year old Italian kids was honestly a dream. They were absolutely hilarious little beings and honestly made me smile all day.

If there was a couple things they learnt in English, they were “In a line”, “Hands on shoulders”, “Toilet” – my daily vocabulary.

My evenings were spent at home. Like, I literally felt like I was just chilling at home and it was such a great feeling when you are a guest in somebody else’s home. I was always given time to myself to plan my lessons

We did take trips to different gelatarias which WERE INCREDIBLE! On the second to last evening, my host Mum organised a picnic for me and the other tutors I was working with and some of the kids from my class. It was super cute and we had lovely time. We also went to my host Mum’s Mum’s house for my last dinner with them and it was so lovely, tasted amazing, she had the cutest little dog and was just a sweet sweet woman.

I love my host Mum, throughout my week with her she’d always let me know that I don’t have to go anywhere, to help myself to anything and just made her home my home. And that’s how it felt, like that was my home.

Thank you to my amazing host Mum and sister who made my time in Bergamo absolutely incredible!

I really enjoyed living life in Bergamo and would definitely recommend it as a must-see city in Italy. If you have ever been or have any other recommendations, please share in the comments (: