The transit. I will keep this post short and sweet, not like the journey was.

We started in Belize, took a boat from Caye Caulker to Belize City where we caught a bus to the border of Guatemala. The bus ride was about 2.5 hours and quite uncomfortable as we were wearing soaking wet clothing, including shorts on leather seats. Once arriving we actually had to get off the bus a 10 minute drive from the border and then catch a taxi to the border. Not what I expected when I was told it’s a bus to the border, but I guess it supports the locals with making an income. Once at the border, I changed into dry clothes, went through immigration and tried to scout an ATM. It was an uphill hike to the ATM and my card didn’t even work anyway. It was nice though, a local teenage escorted us there and back.

13 hours. 13 hours on this bus. The upside is that I got to see the sunset which was pretty. We met the sweetest girl called Rachel who we had such a laugh with it made the time fly by. However, I don’t know how much those around us enjoyed hearing us giggling at 2 o’clock in the morning – haha. Once we arrived, we took a taxi from the bus station to another bus station where we had a 40 minute wait before getting on to another bus.

The bus from Guatemala City will be taking us to Nicaragua, but stop in El Salvador first. We arrived in San Salvador, El Salvador at about 11am. San Salvador is meant to be one of the most dangerous cities in the Central America, however we made it out alive – haha.

At 3am we caught a coach from San Salvador, El Savador to Managua, Nicaragua where we spent a night and a day. We literally chilled most of the day in the hostel, popped out to the supermarket for lunch and bought some amazing donuts and cakes.

Finally, we got a taxi to airport to start our week in Costa Rica.

Ways To Prepare For Long Journeys:

    1. Take Warm Clothes – The air-conditioning is usually left on during the day because its hot outside, but sometimes that leads to it being freezing inside, especially overnight.
    1. Download from Netflix – Download a variety so you have of things to watch. Obviously, this is only if you have a Netflix account.
    1. Pack a Neck Pillow – They are honestly essential to making a bad sleep better. You can adjust them to make yourself so much more comfortable.
    1. Download playlists on Spotify – Make sure to have a variety as you may not want to hear the same song 10 times in one hour. You also may feel for Latin fiery songs one hour and slow jams the next.
    1. Prepare A List of Things To Do – This was so good for me. I did this on the airplane, wrote a lot of emails and messages. By the time I landed and connected to WiFi, I could literally just send everything out.
    1. Get a Portable Charger – Some buses will have charging ports, some won’t. You do not want to get off your bus and not be able to navigate to your hostel. Or call the emergency services in an emergency.
  1. Most importantly, make sure to pee before you board. Most buses have toilets onboard, but they are not always the best conditions and sometimes they are out of service (also, bring your own tissues).

I hope these tips are helpful, please share any tips you have in the comments below (: